Visit the Loire castles

Take advantage of your stay in Oucques to visit Blois and Chambord first and then continue down the banks of the River Loire. If you have a bicycle with you or hire one in  France you can enjoy the cycleway  for several hundred kilometres passing each of the castles en route.
Visit the Sologne forest and lakes and enjoy walking the footpaths and seeing the wildlife.


The Ô en couleur welcomes you to the heart of the Loire Valley, to Oucques, charming village of Loir et Cher.

In the year 2000 the valley of the Loire was recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Centre. Here you will be able to visit the valley of the kings, rich in history and emotions. You will see renaissance castles, medieval fortresses along the banks of the river, each with different histories. If you are energetic the river has a brilliant cycle lane stretching for several hundred kilometres. Many of the interesting castles in the Loire valley and their adjoining  towns or villages are within easy reach of Oucques.

  • The Royal castle at Blois (19 miles) : Here you will discover the life of the Royal Court at the time of the renaissance.
  • The Castle of Chambord (40 miles) : Discover this magnificent castles which, until the  commencement of this century, was the country retreat of the President of  France. Situated in  magnificent parkland it was also used to receive Royal guests e.g. Prince Charles and Princess Diana. There is an amazing   variety of wildlife to be seen in the park and forest of Chambord.
  • The Castle of Chaumont (30 miles) : A castle cum fortress  with great views of the river. The castle of Cheverny   25 miles. A country home with rich interior furnishings.
  • The castle of Amboise (45 miles):  Royal residence of François 1st king of France. Steeped in history. Close to the   residence of Leonardo de Vinci ( Clos Lucé) there is an underground tunnel between the castle  and Clos Lucé which both the king and Leonardo used to visit each other.
  • The castles of   Chenonceau (60 miles) : This beautiful property spans the River Cher. Well furnished, full of history and royal intrigue, set in magnificent gardens and great views. The most visited of the castles in the Loire Valley.
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To see, to do

  • Visit Chateaudun, medieval city built on a rocky spur and classed among “ the most beautiful detour in France”.
  • Discover Vendome – town of art and history with a castle ruins. Also visit Vendomoise and the surrounding countryside of the Loir valley, the home of Pierre Ronsard, the garden of Plessis Sasnières constructed from scratch by the present owner who inherited a run-down country house, the “Commanderie” of the Templers in Arville.
  •  The castle of Talcy which inspired Ronsard to write his celebrated poem “Mignonne, allons voir si la rose “.
  • The Sologne, discover on foot or on bike or by car some amazing natural scenery.
  • The Zoopark of Beauval one of the world’s most beautiful animal parks and conservation centres.
  • The castle of Rochambeau at Thoré-la-Rochette 5 miles from Vendome. Built 11th and 18th century with cave dwellings.
  • Golf at La Bosse, only 2 ½ miles from the Commerce Hotel at Vievy-le-Raye. It has a  practice course of 3 holes and a main  course of 9 holes.
  • Hunting, near to Oucques the forest of Marchenoir is particularly reputed for hunting. The Domaine of Grand Villegomblain, a meeting place for hunting not far from the hotel, organises regular hunts for groups or on a personal basis.